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PICalc v2.2
Planetary Interaction production calculator for Eve Online.
Created by Fearitude of OrioGen.

What it does

PICalc is a small tool to help with calculating component production for Planetary Interaction.
You simply choose the POS structure or component you wish to make and enter the quantity, it will then show you the following.

  • Total materials required
  • Stage by stage components
  • Time to manufacture
  • Total and component costs
  • Plus much moreā€¦

How to Install (Automatic)

  1. Download PICalc (exe 13.4MB)
  2. Run PICalc2Setup.exe and follow the instructions to install.

How to Install (Manual)

  1. Download PICalc (zip 13.3MB)
  2. Check that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (installer available here)
    • Windows 7 includes this and if you use EveMon or EveHQ you will already have it.
  3. Extract all files from to a suitable location.

How to Use

  1. Run PICalc.
  2. Select a PI Schematic or POS Structure Blueprint from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter the quantity you wish to make.
  4. Click Calculate.
  5. The main area displays a tree of components and subcomponents that are required. Click on the triangles to expand these items.
  6. The right hand side shows the total materials required.
  7. The box at the bottom shows the total time to make all components.
  8. For more information click the help button in the bottom left corner.


Screenshot of PICalc2

Screenshot of PICalc Version 1.x

Change List

Added export to SkyDrive.
Added Tax calculations with editable rate.
Added persistant settings.
Added automatic update checker.
Fixed the Eve-Central price lookup, until they change something again.

v2.1: (Download zip)
Fixed problems with CSV export.
Added collapse all items button.
Added Specialized and Refined Commodities.
Added Advanced Mode.
Allows a custom production set to be created by adding different items.
Added export to Google Drive.
Fixed a few other minor bugs.

v2.0: (Download zip)
Major user interface improvements.
Improved cost/value calulations.
Time calculation with processed or raw materials.
Show planets on materials list.
Allow user to change prices region.
Cache prices to improve performance.
Show other required materials and skills.
Bulit in help and improved tooltips.
Simple setup program for easy installation.
Updated eve static data.
Many minor bug fixes.

v1.2: (Download)
Updated eve static data for Crucible 1.1.

v1.1: (Download)
Switched price import from Eve-Metrics to EVE-Central.
Various UI improvements.

PICalc thread on Eve Forum

Powered by EveAI. Uses data from EVE-Central. Thanks to everyone involved in those projects.

Written by Martin Green (Fearitude). First published on Thu Aug 18 2011