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Stealthware Video Converter

The main purpose of this software is to allow you to view your video collection from a web browser.
It also allows selected videos to be encoded into FLV format and then viewed within the browser.
It also has the added bonus of being usable via the Wii browser, providing a convenient way to view media on the Wii console.
Any questions/comments/suggestions or to report bugs please post below or email: swvidc [at]
Version 1.1 has now been released and provides a completely rewritten directory listing mechanism that includes sorting the files by name.
Other new features such as remote caching and source download are also included as well as an improved interface.

Current release: v1.1 available here ~82KB
Old releases: v1.0 ~80KB

Creative Commons License

View Readme (including installation instructions) and Change Log for latest version.


  • Seperate source and cache directories
  • Video listing with preview image
  • Encoding to flv (Flash Video) format
  • Customisable quality settings
  • AVI, MOV, MPEG input formats
  • Customisable interface styles
  • Support for remote cache server (ftp)
  • Automatic video cache deletion
  • Sorted directory and video listing
  • Download video source files without re-encoding
  • And much more

System Requirements

  • Web server with PHP
    • Tested on Linux with Apache 2 and PHP 5
    • Remote cache requires ftp extension for php
  • Latest version of FFMPEG
    • Configured with at least --enable-libmp3lame
  • A good browser
    • Tested with Firefox 2 and the Wii Opera browser


  • Video Browsing Screen (Firefox)
  • Player Screen (Firefox)
  • Video Browsing Screen 1 (Wii)
  • Video Browsing Screen¬†2 (Wii)

Video demo

Written by Martin Green (Fearitude). First published on Thu Aug 18 2011