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Welcome to the Stealthware website.

This site contains various things I have created, from Minecraft mods and tools for Eve Online, to other code snippets, utilities and tutorials.

I will be keeping this up to date with newer Minecraft releases and adding features whenever possible. There will also be many other projects in the future and a few more tutorials on different programming topics.

Use the Articles or Downloads links above to navigate, or check out the important links to the left. The latest News will be shown below or on the Twitter feed to the right.

------   Mod Download Links   ------



Server Command GUI

Server Command GUI (SCG) is a mod designed mainly for server owners and admins, to make the job of administering your server a bit easier. Although its equally useful for anyone who often needs to run in game commands.

It provides a very simple menu style interface for issuing server commands. Commands are grouped into different areas for easier access and most things can be auto-completed, such as selecting player names from a list.


Version 2

Version 2.0 is now available and is almost a complete rewrite with improvements to every aspect of the system.

  • Completely rewritten and now super shiny user interface!
    • Proper looking menus, not just text.
    • Fading highlight effect.
    • Progress bar for loading.
    • Icons.
  • Supports Vanilla (single and multi-player) and Bukkit commands
  • No longer a coremod so shouldn't need changes for each update.
  • New command detection system checks which commands the server will let you run.
  • UI now supports mouse as well as keyboard
  • Built in help. Point to icon or press H.
  • Improved data entry for numbers, players, items, etc.
  • Mod support. Loads mod specific command lists and enables them if that mod is active.
    • Forestry command list included.
    • More to be added in future.
  • SDK for modders or users to add their own command lists.



C - Open the command menu (changable from settings menu).
Arrow Keys or Mouse - Navigate menus.
Return or Mouse - Select the item or execute the command.
Escape - Close the menu.
H - Display help.





Automatic Installation (Recommended):

Please click the link below then follow the instructions to create a special installer with your selected mods. This is the best and easiest way to obtain these mods.

Download Mod Installer


Manual Installation:

Please follow these instructions to install manually. Download links are just below. 

1. Download the zip file.
2. Install Forge.
3. Open the zip file.
4. Copy all files from the "config" folder into your .minecraft/config folder.
5. Copy all files from the "mods" folder into your .minecraft/mods folder.

This mod requires Forge. Available here.


Current Version

Download Server Command GUI (Client) 2.1 [1.7.2/1.7.10]

Download Software Development Kit for  SCG 2.1


Previous Versions

Download Server Command GUI (Client) 2.0 [1.6.4]

Download ServerCommandsGUI (Client) 1.6 [1.6.2]

Download ServerCommandsGUI (Client) 1.5 [1.5.1/1.5.2]

Download ServerCommandsGUI (Client) 1.5 [1.4.6/1.4.7]

Download ServerCommandsGUI (Client) 1.4 [1.4.6/1.4.7]

Download ServerCommandsGUI (Client) 1.4 [1.4.4/1.4.5]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.4 [1.4.2]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.4 [1.3.2]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.3.1 [1.2.5]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.3.1 [1.2.4]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.3.1 [1.1.0]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.3 [1.1.0]

Download ServerCommandsGUI 1.2 [1.1.0]

Download ServerCommandsGUI [1.8.1] WIP

Download ServerCommandsGUI [1.7.3] WIP


Please post any comments, suggestions here or on the Minecraft forum.

Martin 30 August 2011 262882 reads 3 comments 0 ratings Print


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  • tigerway
    1.6.2 not work...
    - 27 September 2013 09:05
  • @tigerway
    Are you sure you mean 1.6.2? Its been supported since a few days after release.

    For 1.6.4 you will need the latest preview version.
    - 01 October 2013 20:53
  • KID
    Sorry, my environment is MCPC + 1.6.2

    I want to add a command "/ / pos1" (WorldEdit commands)

    But the new version 2.0, but it does not appear after I added

    Seems to be removed from the loading on the interface

    I do not know where you want to add a file will appear correctly

    Where does get a detailed tutorial?
    - 17 January 2014 07:33

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