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Welcome to the Stealthware website.

This site contains various things I have created, from Minecraft mods and tools for Eve Online, to other code snippets, utilities and tutorials.

I will be keeping this up to date with newer Minecraft releases and adding features whenever possible. There will also be many other projects in the future and a few more tutorials on different programming topics.

Use the Articles or Downloads links above to navigate, or check out the important links to the left. The latest News will be shown below or on the Twitter feed to the right.

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This mod adds many new Explosives to use along with the basic TNT. These are designed to be much safer, both to yourself and the blocks around where you are blasting, and much more flexible allowing you to control what is destroyed by the explosion.

New in 1.2. Several obsidian based items to protect you and your stuff from those dangerous explosions. You can now build an obsidian house complete with windows and door. Plus use the Explosives Chest to safely store your explosives or any other important items.

New in 1.4. Reinforced Glass Panes offer the protection of normal reinforced glass blocks but look much nicer in any home. Two new Explosives: Claymore Mines, for when you absolutely have to blow everybody up! Breaching Charges, for blowing the doors off your friends house.
Plus a few texture tweaks, many multiplayer fixes and better blasting gel rendering.

Disclaimer: Obsidian may not actually protect you.

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New Explosives:

  • Shaped Charge
    • This is a basic explosive slightly more powerful than TNT, but the key benefit is that you can control which direction it will explode in.
  • Blasting Gel
    • This is an explosive gel that can be applied to a suface and will blast downwards through several layers. It can also carry current like redstone allowing you to trigger large quantities simultaneously.
  • Spoke Bomb
    • This specially designed tunnelling explosive will blast through several layers in any direction and coat the inside of the tunnel with a protective iron mesh. This stops blocks such as sand from falling into your tunnel.
  • Claymore Mine
    • This powerful directional explosive will kill any living thing in the blast area without damaging blocks or other items. Very useful for defending your property from intruders.
  • Breaching Charge
    • Again this is a directional explosive, but this is designed specifically for breaching and entering enemy buildings. It can destroy doors and windows and will even blow open obsidian doors.

New Blocks:

  • Explosives Chest
    • A specially designed chest that can withstand any explosion. Perfect for storing all your precious explosives!
  • Reinforced Glass
    • Glass reinforced with obsidian to make it significantly stronger and even stop explosions.
  • Reinforced Glass Pane
    • Same as Reinforced glass but thinner.
  • Obsidian Door
    • A simple door but with the benefits of being made out of obsidian.

Other New Items (Materials):

  • Plastic Explosive
    • Used to make Shaped Charges and Spoke Bombs.
  • Gelatine
    • Used to make Blasting Gel.
  • Molten Iron
    • Used to make Spoke Bombs.
  • Scrap Iron
    • Obtained from tunnel reinforcing mesh, can be melted back into Molten Iron.


Demo Video:

Additonal Videos:

Explodables Mod Showcase by MinecraftScorpion
Minecraft EXPLODABLES Mod! by AdamzoneTopMarks
Mod spotlight - Explodables by StewartSpicerGaming
Minecraft Mods-Explodables by crowders100
Jamie's Mod Stew by BagofNerd



version 1.0 screenshot

version 1.2 screenshot

Banner / Forum Signature:

Explodables Banner






Automatic Installation (Recommended):

Please click the link below then follow the instructions to create a special installer with your selected mods. This is the best and easiest way to obtain these mods.

Download Mod Installer


Manual Installation:

Please follow these instructions to install manually. Download links are just below.

Single Player / Client
1. Download the zip file.
2. Install Forge.
3. Copy the zip file into your .minecraft/mods/ folder.
4. Play

1. Download the zip file.
2. Install Forge.
3. Copy the zip file into your minecraft server/mods/ folder.
4. Install mod on all clients.
5. Play

This mod requires Forge. Available from here.


Latest Version

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.9 [1.7.2/1.7.10]


Previous Versions

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.8 [1.6.4]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.8 [1.6.2]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.7 [1.5.1/1.5.2]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.7 [1.4.6/1.4.7]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.6 [1.4.6/1.4.7]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.6 [1.4.4/1.4.5]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.6 [1.4.2]

Download Explodables (Universal) 1.6 [1.3.2]

Version 1.5.1 [1.2.4/1.2.5]

Download Explodables

Download Explodables (Forge)

Download Explodables Server

Version 1.5.1 [1.1.0]

Download Explodables

Download Explodables (Forge)

Download Explodables Server

Version 1.5 [1.1.0]

Download Explodables (Client)

Download Explodables (Server)

Download for Bukkit ported by Battlefield

Version 1.4 [1.0.0]

Download Explodables (Client)

Download Explodables (Server)

Version 1.3 [1.0.0]

Download Explodables (Client)

Download Explodables (Server)

Version 1.2 [1.8.1]

Download Explodables (Client)

Download Explodables (Server)

Version 1.1 [1.8.1]

Download Explodables (Client)

Download Explodables (Server)

Version 1.0 [1.7.3]

Download Explodables (Client)

Download Explodables (Server)


Please post any comments, suggestions here or on the Minecraft forum.

Thanks to special explosives adviser Inazumato.

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  • @Lionlegend
    Yes feel free, and drop me a link when its done. Smile
    - 25 July 2013 21:03
  • @fog
    I did a few tests with the doors and it all seems to work for me.
    What version of Forge are you using?
    - 25 July 2013 21:12
  • Russell
    Hey, where do I find the Stealthware core modification? I cannot find a link on your website.
    - 16 July 2014 06:19
  • @Russell
    Hi, sorry i forgot to post it. Normally you can get it automatically as part of the installer but there may be some issues with that right now.
    Alternatively heres the link.
    - 31 July 2014 22:33
  • kreezxil
    client crash when clicking on item in NEI to get recipe

    - 18 August 2014 03:47
  • CodekingMC
    May I use this mod in a modpack
    - 03 November 2014 21:46
  • Trusk
    These are some awesome mods. Thank you for taking the time to make them and share them. I'm having trouble installing them on this LINK REMOVED version. Any thoughts?
    - 06 August 2015 18:33
  • @Trusk
    Go buy the official version of Minecraft. Then let me know if you have problems and ill help you.
    - 06 August 2015 21:34
  • Dragonsight964
    KILL ME.
    - 27 August 2016 16:21

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