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Welcome to the Stealthware website.

This site contains various things I have created, from Minecraft mods and tools for Eve Online, to other code snippets, utilities and tutorials.

I will be keeping this up to date with newer Minecraft releases and adding features whenever possible. There will also be many other projects in the future and a few more tutorials on different programming topics.

Use the Articles or Downloads links above to navigate, or check out the important links to the left. The latest News will be shown below or on the Twitter feed to the right.

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BetterWheat has now merged with MoreMeat.


This mod adds a few new items that can be made from wheat.

New Items:

  • Grain
    • Used to make Flour and Wholegrain Bread, or can be planted instead of seeds.
  • Flour
    • Used to make White Bread and Wholegrain Bread, or as a replacement for wheat in existing recipes.
  • White Bread
    • Replenishes hunger by 1.5 blocks.
  • Wholegrain Bread
    • Replenishes hunger by 2 blocks.
  • Straw
    • Used to make Straw Bales

New Blocks:

  • Straw Bale
    • A simple block that can be used for building


When crafting Grain, waste Straw will fly out of the crafting bench.



Minecraft Mods Spotlight - BetterWheat + MoreMeat! by CocoSmackdown


Latest Version

To get the latest version download the MoreMeat mod.


Previous Versions

Version 1.1 [1.2.4/1.2.5]

Download BetterWheat

Download BetterWheat (Forge)

Download BetterWheat Server

Version 1.1 [1.1.0]

Download BetterWheat (Client)

Download BetterWheat (Server)

Download for Bukkit ported by Battlefield

Version 1.0 [1.0.0]

Download BetterWheat (Client)

Download BetterWheat (Server)

Version 1.0 [1.8.1]

Download BetterWheat (Client)

Download BetterWheat (Server)

Version 1.0 [1.7.3]

Download BetterWheat (Client)

Download BetterWheat (Server)


Please post any comments, suggestions here or on the Minecraft forum.

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