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I don't use adfly or similar services, and there are no annoying popup ads here.
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Minecraft 1.3.2 Updates

Explodables has now been updated for Minecraft 1.3.2

Get it here.

ServerCommandsGUI and ClaySoil are also up to date and can be downloaded from the relevant pages.

MoreMeat and my mod installer should be updated soon.

EasyDCPU 0.5 + Minecraft 1.3.1

I released a new version of EasyDCPU a few days ago. This version is very different to the early versions and contains many more language features and a much improved user interface.
Go to the wiki to find out more.

Today saw the release of Minecraft 1.3.1. MCP has been available for several days so once ModLoader, ModLoaderMP etc. are up to date ill get to work on updating my mods.
Check back soon for more info.


I have just release the first version of EasyDCPU, a simple tool for compiling C# code to run on the DCPU-16 computer.

Read the article here or go to the wiki.

New Meats!

Ive added some fun new items to the more meat mod.

Ender meat, Ocelot meat, Zombie Pie and Creeper Goo!

Check it out here:

Minecraft 1.2.5

All mods now work with 1.2.5. Only ServerCommandsGUI needs updating, the others will work fine you just need to install the latest ModLoader and ModLoaderMP.

Plus, take the BetterWheat poll to help me decide its future.

Latest mod releases

All mods for Minecraft 1.2.4 have just been released.


I will be away until the 25th of March.

You will still be able to access my site and the downloads during that time but I wont be able to reply to questions or post updates.

This means that if Minecraft 1.2 is released tomorrow it is very unlikely I will be able to update the mods until I get back.