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Mods now ported to Bukkit

All you Bukkit users can now enjoy Explodables, MoreMeat and BetterWheat.

All are ready to download here. Thanks to Battlefield for porting them.

Remember, any clients connecting to your modded server will need to install these mods too.

Explodables 1.4 is ready!

Explodables version 1.4 for Minecraft 1.0 is now available. Get it here.
Two new explosives, glass panes plus many bug fixes.

More 1.0 updates

ClaySoil is now ready for Minecraft 1.0 and I added Clay to the Mycelium block since it is another variant of dirt.

The Mod Packager and Installer has had a few more changes to make it work better with Minecraft 1.0 and my latest mods. Plus it should now work properly on Macs.

Minecraft 1.0 Updates!

Explodables, MoreMeat and BetterWheat have all been updated for Minecraft 1.0.0. Download them now.

Mod Packager + Installer

For anyone who has struggled to install mods in the past I have created an easy to use installer. This comes in two parts, first you create your own custom mod package. Then simply download it and run the built in installer. This installs my mods and prompts you to install any required mods.

Try it now.

Stealthware Installer (seJar)

Quite a while ago I created a Self-extracting java archive (JAR) for making small simple installers.

Check it out for yourself here.

MoreMeat Minecraft Mod

The MoreMeat mod has just been released.

This adds many new meat items from almost every animal in the game. Plus "The Meat Machine" a self contained animal capturing, slaughtering and butchering device.