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Minecraft Mod Updates

Over the past few weeks i have updated all my mods for Beta 1.8.1 and released a new version of Explodables. See the full article for more details.

I have also posted updated help information to help install the mods and a shiny new banner for explodables.

Explodables Minecraft mod

Explodables adds several new explosives to Minecraft. These are designed to be safer, more powerful and more flexible than the basic TNT.

Read the full article for more information and the download link.

ServerCommandsGUI Minecraft mod

ServerCommandsGUI is my next mod for Minecraft.
It adds a simple menu based interface for all the common commands a server administrator might need.

Read the full article for more information and the download link.

ClaySoil Minecraft mod

ClaySoil is my first mod for Minecraft.
It adds a drop chance for clay pieces when harvesting dirt blocks. Very useful for anyone struggling to find enough clay for making bricks.

Read the full ClaySoil article for more information and the download link.


PICalc, the Planetary Interaction Production Calculator for EVE Online that I released just over a month ago has moved to the new site.

The current version, 1.1, offers a quick way to calculate costs for producing POS structures from the various materials obtained through PI.

Read the full PICalc article for more information and the download link.

New Site Launched

Welcome to the new Stealthware website.

You can access most things via the Articles link above. Any downloads within the articles are also listed in the download section.

Some old content is still to be transferred but most is available now, and I will be adding a lot of new things in the coming weeks. Particularly several Minecraft mods I have been working on.

Currently you need to signup to rate articles but you can post comments without registering. There may be more features that require you to register in future.

Thanks, and Enjoy.

Martin (aka Fearitude)