'Other' News
New Site Launched
Wed Sep 27 2023

Welcome to the new Stealthware website.

Most of the old content has been transferred. You can access all old articles and downloads for the old mod versions.

Wed Feb 29 2012

I will be away until the 25th of March.

You will still be able to access my site and the downloads during that time but I wont be able to reply to questions or post updates.

This means that if Minecraft 1.2 is released tomorrow it is very unlikely I will be able to update the mods until I get back.

New Site Launched
Wed Aug 24 2011

Welcome to the new Stealthware website.

You can access most things via the Articles link above. Any downloads within the articles are also listed in the download section.

Some old content is still to be transferred but most is available now, and I will be adding a lot of new things in the coming weeks. Particularly several Minecraft mods I have been working on.

Currently you need to signup to rate articles but you can post comments without registering. There may be more features that require you to register in future.

Thanks, and Enjoy.

Martin (aka Fearitude)