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C# compiler for DCPU-16
Planetary Interaction production calculator for Eve Online.
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Stealthware Video Converter
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The latest version of PICalc is now available here.

This version adds plenty more features and UI improvements.

All the minecraft mods have been updated again for 1.4.6.

You can get them here.

Plus PICalc 2.1 was released a few days ago. This includes various bug fixes and improvements, thanks for the feedback.

PICalc version 2 has been released.

It has been completely overhauled to improve the user interface as well as adding many new features.
There are far too many changes to mention here so click the link below and try it out.

I released a new version of EasyDCPU a few days ago. This version is very different to the early versions and contains many more language features and a much improved user interface.
Go to the wiki to find out more.

Today saw the release of Minecraft 1.3.1. MCP has been available for several days so once ModLoader, ModLoaderMP etc. are up to date ill get to work on updating my mods.
Check back soon for more info.

Tue Apr 24 2012

I have just release the first version of EasyDCPU, a simple tool for compiling C# code to run on the DCPU-16 computer.

Read the article here or go to the wiki.

PICalc has been updated with the latest data for Crucible 1.1. This adds support for various sovereignty structures.