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Stealthware Installer (seJar)
Self-Extracting Java Archive (JAR) for making small simple installers.
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If you have trouble with the latest version of the installer you may have more success if using Java 8.

Ill be looking into this and will have a fix soon.

Also, for those downloading manually or if the installer refuses to download it, the link to Stealthware Core is below. Stealthware Core 2.0

UPDATE: The installer is now fixed and should run on any version of Java.

The all new Stealthware Mod Installer is ready to go! Try it out

A few days ago i posted updated versions of all the mods with various minor bug fixes and improvements. You can download these from the usual place.

Today saw an update to the Mod Packager, it now shows some details about the mods you are selecting. This is the first stage of a big update to my Mod Installer which will be ready in the next week or so.

The mod packager and installer have been updated to support the latest versions.
Give it a try here.

Ive also updated the details of what is included in the latest relese of MoreMeat2, as well as adding the new recipes.
You can find this in the main MoreMeat article.

I recently improved the mod packager so it now supports all of my mods, plus the forge versions!

Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback.

For anyone who has struggled to install mods in the past I have created an easy to use installer. This comes in two parts, first you create your own custom mod package. Then simply download it and run the built in installer. This installs my mods and prompts you to install any required mods.

Try it now.

Quite a while ago I created a Self-extracting java archive (JAR) for making small simple installers.

Check it out for yourself here.