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Mod Packager + Installer

Welcome to the Stealthware Mod Packager.

This allows you to create a customised mod installer package containing any of these mods.
Once you have created and downloaded your pack you can simply run it and the installer will install the mods and any dependencies for you.

1. Name:

Enter a name for your mod package.

2. Version:

Select your Minecraft version to see the available mods.

3. Mods:

This mod adds many new Explosives. These are designed to be much safer and much more flexible, allowing you to control what is destroyed by the explosion.
Fearitude's Tweak Pack1.1Fearitude
This includes the old ClaySoil mod and makes many minor changes to improve the Minecraft experience.
MoreMeat 22.3Fearitude
This mod adds a huge variety of new meat items that drop from existing animals. It also adds the very useful Meat Machine, a capturing and slaughtering device, as well as all items previously in the BetterWheat mod.
Server Command GUI2.1Fearitude
This mod provides a very simple menu style interface for issuing commands. Commands are grouped into different areas for easier access and most support auto completion.

Select the mods you would like to include.

4. Download:

Click the download button to create and download your mod installer.

#11 | Martin on 24 April 2012 22:48
Hmm, not seen anything like that before. It most likely didnt download properly. First try downloading it again. If that doesnt work maybe it is not trying to run it with Java. Best thing is probably to follow the Mac/Linux instructions to run it from the command line.
#12 | george on 07 June 2012 20:25
hi love this
#13 | Pauly G on 16 June 2012 13:25
ummm i did all of the things you said but i might be doing it wrong. is it supposed to use jarlauncher or just java? if there is a difference
#14 | Martin on 21 June 2012 19:26
@Pauly G
Are you on a Mac? As far as i know you just double click to run it. If that doesn't work try opening a command window and following the linux instructions.
#15 | Cookie on 05 July 2012 20:21
It's stuck on the "Loading Components" Sad
#16 | Martin on 05 July 2012 20:36
Try running it from a command line window and paste the error message here if you see one.
#17 | LeadEater11 on 07 April 2013 23:30
#18 | MEisEPIC on 08 April 2013 22:25

#19 | Martin on 09 April 2013 18:48
Alternatively you could tell me what happened so I can fix it!
I'm guessing you already had a modified minecraft.jar which isn't compatible with Forge.
#20 | MEisEPIC on 11 April 2013 00:29
I know how to resolve it, thanks anyway! And for all of you who had their minecraft crashed by a mod, on the login page for downloaded minecraft, click options, force update, done, and login. Wait until it is fixed and reinstall your mods if you want to. I hope this was useful as well!!
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