Welcome to the Stealthware website.
This site contains various things I've created, from Minecraft mods and tools for Eve Online,
to other code snippets, utilities and tutorials.
This mod adds additional items produced from wheat, including flour, straw and more bread.
Minecraft mod that adds a chance to get clay when harvesting soil blocks.
C# compiler for DCPU-16
This mod for Minecraft adds various alternative explosives that are safer and more flexible.
Google Earth and using KML
This article gives a brief introduction to using KML and Google Earth, provides links to more detailed information and contains examples of how to create kml in your application.
This mod adds many new meat items from almost every animal in the game. Plus "The Meat Machine" a self contained animal capturing, slaughtering and butchering device.
Now includes the BetterWheat mod.
Planetary Interaction production calculator for Eve Online.
Server Command GUI
Minecraft mod that adds a simple menu system for accessing server commands.
Stealthware Installer (seJar)
Self-Extracting Java Archive (JAR) for making small simple installers.
This mod for Minecraft changes many small things for an improved Minecraft experience, includes the old ClaySoil mod.
Video Converter
Stealthware Video Converter
A web based video library and converter
New Site Launched
Wed Sep 27 2023

Welcome to the new Stealthware website.

Most of the old content has been transferred. You can access all old articles and downloads for the old mod versions.

If you have trouble with the latest version of the installer you may have more success if using Java 8.

Ill be looking into this and will have a fix soon.

Also, for those downloading manually or if the installer refuses to download it, the link to Stealthware Core is below. Stealthware Core 2.0

UPDATE: The installer is now fixed and should run on any version of Java.

The new 2.0 version of Server Command GUI is now available.

It has an amazing new interface and is fully extendible with mod support.

See the article for details.

Since 1.6.4 released the old Server Commands GUI no longer works. Luckily i have a brand new version almost ready to go.

See the forum thread to get all the details and try it for yourself.

The final release will be in a few weeks when ive had chance to fix the bugs and tweak a few things.

All mods were updated for the latest minecraft (1.6.2) a few days ago, and the new installer is now available.

Download links are on the mod pages as normal.

Please report any problems you find and I will fix them ASAP.

I just posted a few minor changes to some of the mods. The main fix is the crash when hitting an obsidian door. Everything else you probably wont notice. Downloads are in the usual places.