'Mods' Articles
This mod adds additional items produced from wheat, including flour, straw and more bread.
Minecraft mod that adds a chance to get clay when harvesting soil blocks.
This mod for Minecraft adds various alternative explosives that are safer and more flexible.
This mod adds many new meat items from almost every animal in the game. Plus "The Meat Machine" a self contained animal capturing, slaughtering and butchering device.
Now includes the BetterWheat mod.
Server Command GUI
Minecraft mod that adds a simple menu system for accessing server commands.
This mod for Minecraft changes many small things for an improved Minecraft experience, includes the old ClaySoil mod.
'Mods' News

The new 2.0 version of Server Command GUI is now available.

It has an amazing new interface and is fully extendible with mod support.

See the article for details.

Since 1.6.4 released the old Server Commands GUI no longer works. Luckily i have a brand new version almost ready to go.

See the forum thread to get all the details and try it for yourself.

The final release will be in a few weeks when ive had chance to fix the bugs and tweak a few things.

All mods were updated for the latest minecraft (1.6.2) a few days ago, and the new installer is now available.

Download links are on the mod pages as normal.

Please report any problems you find and I will fix them ASAP.

I just posted a few minor changes to some of the mods. The main fix is the crash when hitting an obsidian door. Everything else you probably wont notice. Downloads are in the usual places.

All the mods are now compatible with Minecraft 1.5.
Plus some significant changes to MoreMeat allow it to work better with other mods.

Get them here.

Thu Jan 03 2013

All the minecraft mods have been updated for 1.4.7.
There were no actually changes just rebuilt to allow them to work with the latest version.

All the minecraft mods have been updated again for 1.4.6.

You can get them here.

Plus PICalc 2.1 was released a few days ago. This includes various bug fixes and improvements, thanks for the feedback.

The mod packager and installer have been updated to support the latest versions.
Give it a try here.

Ive also updated the details of what is included in the latest relese of MoreMeat2, as well as adding the new recipes.
You can find this in the main MoreMeat article.

MoreMeat2 has now been released. This combines both the MoreMeat and BetterWheat mods, plus a few new features.

Download it here. All mods are now compatible with Minecraft 1.3.2 and use the latest version of Forge.

The mod installer will be updated soon and i will also be improving some of the articles to explain recent changes, so check back soon.

Explodables has now been updated for Minecraft 1.3.2

Get it here.

ServerCommandsGUI and ClaySoil are also up to date and can be downloaded from the relevant pages.

MoreMeat and my mod installer should be updated soon.

I released a new version of EasyDCPU a few days ago. This version is very different to the early versions and contains many more language features and a much improved user interface.
Go to the wiki to find out more.

Today saw the release of Minecraft 1.3.1. MCP has been available for several days so once ModLoader, ModLoaderMP etc. are up to date ill get to work on updating my mods.
Check back soon for more info.

Ive added some fun new items to the more meat mod.

Ender meat, Ocelot meat, Zombie Pie and Creeper Goo!

Check it out here:

All mods now work with 1.2.5. Only ServerCommandsGUI needs updating, the others will work fine you just need to install the latest ModLoader and ModLoaderMP.

Plus, take the BetterWheat poll to help me decide its future.

All mods for Minecraft 1.2.4 have just been released.

Bugfix release for Explodables.

Fixes players taking damage from the Spoke Bombs iron mesh, plus some rendering issues in the Forge version.

ServerCommandsGUI is now ready for release, and can be downloaded here.

After undergoing a complete rewrite since the first WIP version for Beta 1.7 and 1.8, SCG is now more flexible and more usable for anyone running a vanilla or SimpleServer Minecraft server.

I have added Forge support to all of the mods. This means no more running out of texture sprite indexes so you can run as many mods as you want!


Explodables, MoreMeat and BetterWheat have been updated.

They all have better support for creative mode by adding their blocks to the inventory. Plus using my new Mod Version Checker they can let you know if there is a newer version available.

ClaySoil is now compatiable with Minecraft 1.1.

All other mods will be updated soon.

All you Bukkit users can now enjoy Explodables, MoreMeat and BetterWheat.

All are ready to download here. Thanks to Battlefield for porting them.

Remember, any clients connecting to your modded server will need to install these mods too.

Explodables version 1.4 for Minecraft 1.0 is now available. Get it here.
Two new explosives, glass panes plus many bug fixes.

ClaySoil is now ready for Minecraft 1.0 and I added Clay to the Mycelium block since it is another variant of dirt.

The Mod Packager and Installer has had a few more changes to make it work better with Minecraft 1.0 and my latest mods. Plus it should now work properly on Macs.

Explodables, MoreMeat and BetterWheat have all been updated for Minecraft 1.0.0. Download them now.

The MoreMeat mod has just been released.

This adds many new meat items from almost every animal in the game. Plus “The Meat Machine” a self contained animal capturing, slaughtering and butchering device.

Over the past few weeks i have updated all my mods for Beta 1.8.1 and released a new version of Explodables. See the full article for more details.

I have also posted updated help information to help install the mods and a shiny new banner for explodables.

Explodables adds several new explosives to Minecraft. These are designed to be safer, more powerful and more flexible than the basic TNT.

Read the full article for more information and the download link.

ServerCommandsGUI is my next mod for Minecraft.
It adds a simple menu based interface for all the common commands a server administrator might need.

Read the full article for more information and the download link.

ClaySoil is my first mod for Minecraft.
It adds a drop chance for clay pieces when harvesting dirt blocks. Very useful for anyone struggling to find enough clay for making bricks.

Read the full ClaySoil article for more information and the download link.